I began my healing career in 1999 when I received my certification as a Massage Therapist and Health Educator from the National Holistic Institute. Since then, I have worked in sports clubs, spas, corporate settings, doctors offices and on-site events, all the while growing my private practice into a thriving healing arts business.

Dedicated to continuing education, I received certifications in Pregnancy Massage with Body Therapy Associates, and Alive & Well, Institute of Conscious Bodywork. In addition, I have taken CranioSacral classes with The Milne Institute and certified as an Advanced Bowenwork Practitioner through the Bowen Therapy Academy of Australia.

My path into healing began as a child, listening to my mother’s stories of my great grandmother Carmen, a Curandera from Puerto Rico. Stories of faith, healing and divination, as well as my mother’s own stories of psychic gifts and experiences.

Often very sensitive and emotional as a child, it wasn’t until my adult years that I understood I was empathic and many experiences I had were spiritual and mediumistic in nature.

My path as a healer continued following a visionary dream in which I was told by a medicine man, “In three months time you will leave this plane and study to become a shaman.” Waking, I asked myself, “What is a shaman?”

With a new drive and curiosity, I delved into books on shamanism which guided me to Sobonfu Some, a medicine woman from Burkina Faso, West Africa. Through the guidance, love and tutelage of my dear friend and mentor, Sobonfu, which included a two year training in Dagara ritual and healing, I consciously began to embrace my life experiences and gifts, using these practices for my own healing as well as sharing them with others.

In 2016, I went on to train with The Light Body School of The Four Winds, founded by Dr. Alberto Villoldo, receiving my certification as an Energy Medicine Practitioner and Health Educator.

Concurrently, I began serious training as a psychic medium, developing my natural abilities, something I continue today with Andy Byng, a renowned Psychic Medium and Teacher from the UK.

Having spent 2 decades delving into different healing and spiritual practices, I offer a unique approach to support you on your path to health, blending my skills and intuition to meet your needs.

My purpose is to be of service to your soul’s desire for healing and evolution and I am honored to be a part of your journey.

“Nadine is a truly natural and skilled healer. I have had the pleasure to experience her massage, mediumship, and hands-on energy healing. She brings her phenomenal intuition to all her work. Nadine’s massages are deeply therapeutic and delightful. Through mediumship, I received a timely and generationally healing message from my grandmother for her ailing, bedridden daughter—my aunt. It was awe inspiring to witness Nadine’s quick and effective navigation into the spirit realm. In her energy healing work, Nadine used multi-faceted methods, reaching core issues of body and heart. I felt a wonderful, subtle relief. It is a privilege to have someone like Nadine provide such profound and timeless healing amid today’s modern chaos.”




Pasadena, CA